Two Impressions


“Two Impressions” for solo flugelhorn/cornet

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Two Impressions for solo flugelhorn/cornet (duration: 6’)

for Jen Oliverio

Two Impressions is a short suite for solo flugelhorn and cornet written as part of my project to take on “mini-commissions” for unaccompanied works during the spring and summer of 2020.

The first piece of the set, “the night that shines across the sky”, is a beautiful lyrical melody for flugelhorn in changing meter cast in three sections, the second of which requires great technical skill, containing pedal tones and a cadenza.

The second piece, “cynosure”, is a fast-paced scherzo for cornet based off an incessant triplet rhythm. The theme established at the beginning of the movement is varied and developed, building into a virtuosic cadenza that leads into an exciting, high-energy finish.