Current Projects

Information about my current projects can be found below, including links to my collaborators’ websites.

unfurling (Consortium now open!)

unfurling is a new work for solo trumpet (or flugelhorn) and electronics by Hannah Boissonneault that explores the push and pull of ambience and the elasticity of time. I am leading the consortium to commission this piece, which will be performable in two modes: at a 5′ duration with a fixed media track, or with a Max/MSP patch to add space for improvisation, extending the length of the piece. unfurling is intended as an accessible entry point to electroacoustic performance that can also grow with you as you develop your skills and familiarity with electronic music!

Join the consortium for unfurling over at Hannah’s site:
(Students: $50, professionals: $100; delivery by July 26, 2024; one-year performance exclusivity. Join by June 14)

Deep Field

Deep Field is a new work for trumpet and electronic fixed media by Betsy Podsiadlo inspired by the photograph of the same name taken by NASA’s James Webb telescope. This piece will be part of a multi-instrumental suite of works that seek to explore our relationship to what is not of Earth and explore humanity’s role in the tapestry of the universe.

As the crow flies

As the crow flies is a new work for piccolo trumpet and pre-recorded accompaniment by Xenia St. Charles Iris Llyllyth. Premiere date TBD.

Double-Bell Trumpet Call for Scores

The Double-Bell Trumpet Call for Scores was a project I launched in 2021 in order to expand the repertoire available for this incredible instrument (built for me by Jacob Hoskins at Meridian Winds). Sixteen winners were selected, whose works will be performed on a recital series, dates TBD.

Winners of the Double-Bell Trumpet Call for Scores:
Ali Araab: Announcement (Khabar)
Jack Green Aron: Fanfare
Michael Boyd: of something
Brien Carney: Argument
Morgan Greenwood: Solus (ii)
Alice Hunter: Pursuit from Cassino
Joseph Klein: Die Königskünderin (The King-proclaimer)
Shuoyi Li: Firestone
Cheuk Shing Li: Tinnitus
Everette Minchew: Nocturne
Sandro Montalto: Unanswered Call
Angela Elizabeth Slater: As the Moon runs Red
Bruno Visse: Two selves for a single voice
Willyn Whiting: Awake
David Wolfson: Stop Copying Me!
Roger Zare: Mantis Shrimp Variations