Escape Velocity


“Escape Velocity” for solo euphonium

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Escape Velocity for solo euphonium (duration: 3’30”)

for Mollie Weber

Escape Velocity is a short fantasy for solo euphonium written as part of my project to take on “mini-commissions” for unaccompanied works during the spring and summer of 2020.

Escape Velocity is a programmatic work in five sections (Launch Protocols, Ignition, At the Edge of Space, Mechanical Problems, and Zero Gravity) depicting spaceflight. Two cadenzas (Launch Protocols and Mechanical Problems) allow the soloist to show off their technical prowess, while the other three sections are full of multiple tonguing and soaring melodic lines. At the dedicatee’s request, this piece is fast-paced, technical, and pushes the soloist’s upper register, hence the upbeat, high- flying title!