Scenes Unseen


“Scenes Unseen” for saxophone quartet

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Scenes Unseen for saxophone quartet (duration: 6’30”)

Runner-Up, 2020 Sinta Quartet Composition Competition

Scenes Unseen is an eclectic and energetic piece for saxophone quartet cast in three movements.

The first, “…dancing on edge”, begins with an upbeat ostinato that is soon joined by the rest of the ensemble in a lively scherzo based on six-and eight-note scales.

Movement two, “…last light”, is much calmer in its simple, reflective solo lines before the group comes together for a powerful tutti statement of the opening melody as a chorale.

The third movement, “…the ocean drowns”, is a high-speed whirlwind of a finale, with brilliant technical flourishes and mixed meter passages that call back to the first movement. Each player is then put on display as an individual in a series of cadenzas before blazing through to the end in a virtuosic coda.