Three Strands


“Three Strands” for flute, saxophone, and piano

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Three Stands for flute, alto saxophone, and piano (duration: 3′)

Honorable Mention, Additive Color Ensemble Call for Scores

Three Strands is an exploration of restrictions: each voice is limited (mostly) to a six-note collection derived from a hexadecimal code representing a color.

The flute’s collection is derived from the code #AF280E (red) and consists of a harmonic minor scale with the second scale degree omitted. The hexatonic collection heard from the saxophone is drawn from #23670B (green), and the pitches used by the piano are found in #014589 (blue), forming a second hexatonic scale.

Each player is on display as an individual in their virtuosic cadenzas, and the ensemble’s musicality is showcased through constant back-and-forth interplay between the three players.