danc ing (windows go orange…)


“danc ing (windows go orange…)” for mixed quartet

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danc ing (windows go orange…) for baritone voice, trumpet, trombone, and bass clarinet (duration: 6′)

for loadbang

danc ing (windows go orange…) is inspired by a poem by E.E. Cummings found in his privately printed collection, & [AND]. Published in this book as “Post Impressions I”, the poem begins as a depiction of sunset (as he so loved to write about), but frays into a series of short disjunct episodes.

One is interrupted midway, some are completely incoherent, and the final line, “in a parenthesis!said the moon”, already in parentheses, describes itself literally.

The music in danc ing (windows go orange…) is a fractal of similar structures, beginning with a unison note that breaks into a dissonant cluster. Clusters repeat, now incorporating microtones. The clusters disappear entirely for a while, shattering into a multitude of extended techniques that teeter between relative stability and the incoherent. A crescendo that crashes into the final parenthetical aside.