“illuminate” for two trumpets or trumpet and saxophone

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illuminate for saxophone and trumpet, or two trumpets (duration: 4’)

for Michiel de Cuyper

illuminate is a short rhapsody written as part of my project to take on “mini-commissions” for unaccompanied works during the spring and summer of 2020.

The piece opens with a lyrical song in 7/8 time that is further developed through ornamentation before moving into a cadenza in which the two players trade phrases back and forth. The trading lines become shorter and shorter, accelerating into a spirited jig in 6/8 time that utilizes similar melodic material to the opening song-like section, but the dance winds down into a slow call-and-response duet.

After the duet, the piece shifts into a second cadenza, this time featuring overlapping phrases as the piccolo trumpet interrupts the long lyrical lines with fragments of the jig. Finally, both ideas are stated in full force together, with one part playing the opening songlike theme as the piccolo trumpet soars above with the complete jig melody.